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Florida Keys Kiteboarding Lessons, gear for sale, advanced kiteboarding courses

Florida Keys Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys

Kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing sports and offers thrill-seekers an unforgettable experience on the azure waters of the Florida Keys.

We offer several classes where beginners can easily learn the safety, set-up, and fun of kiteboarding.

Light Wind? No problem! We can practice the fundamentals of flying a two line water relaunchable trainer kite. Perfect for beginners to get comfortable with handling a kite and developing muscle memory.

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Kiteboarding Courses & Rates

Please check out our lessons and ride-along prices for kiteboarding and paddleboard kiting.

1 Hour Trainer Kite Lesson - $100.00

Learn to fly a two line, water relaunchable, power kite. This lesson may include a short boat trip to one of our shallow kiting flats. This class teaches you what you can and cannot do with a kite in a safe manner that develops muscle memory. Learning to fly a two line trainer kite is a great introduction to kiteboarding. If time permits and kite control is gained, we will learn to downwind and upwind body drag.

3 Hour Beginner Kiteboarding Course - $350.00

This beginner class consists of a 30 minute ground school lesson and then a kite control lesson. In ground school we will cover safety, wind awareness, and kiteboarding terms. The kite control lesson consists of flying either a two line trainer kite or the real thing for kiteboarding, (your choice). We will teach you more safety, how to body drag downwind and upwind, power kite strokes, launching and landing, self rescue, and much more as time permits. Once kite skills are developed and if time permits, we will start to learn how to ride the kiteboard.

3 Hour Intermediate Kiteboarding Course - $350.00

The intermediate class usually starts with a little kite flying to polish up on the skills learned in the beginner class. Once you are comfortable with the kite flying skills we will start working on board skills. This class can also be for those who are comfortable riding but want tips or need to be watched for safety while riding.

Ride Along - $40.00

For those that can consistently stay up wind and want to ride on their own without assistance, who want to hop on the boat for a ride out to one of our kiteboarding areas with us during a lesson.

Rider specific trips Just ride! $100.00 one person, $25.00 each additional person. One boat.